Stop Alexa Going Quiet Every Morning

Does your Alexa go quiet every morning? Mine used to. At first I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it – I keep the volume failry low anyway – but eventually I decided it really was reseting the volume every morning without me telling it to.

Once I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t going crazy or deaf and that the volume really was quieter in the morning, I dug around to find out why. The problem turned out to be in a Routine. So what are Routines? They’re basically macros that allow you to set up your Alexa to perform a certain series of actions in response to certain input or at particular times.

When you first set up your Alexa, she asks you a number of questions. One of these is if you want her to be quieter when you first wake up (maybe in case you have a sore head…). You probably said “Yes” and completely forgot about it. Well, she didn’t forget! Answering “Yes” to that question enables a Routine that sets the volume low in the early hours of every morning.

To stop Alexa turning the volume down every morning, you’ll need to disable that Routine. On the Alexa app (not on the PC interface), find the ‘Routines’ section. It’s probably under the ‘More’ menu, but sometimes Amazon moves things. Under the list of Routines, you’ll find one called “Morning Volume”. This is the culprit. Simply tap it and turn off the “Enabled” option at the top.

And that’s it. No more hard-to-hear Alexa in the mornings.