Digital Host For Beefeater Restaurants

PolyAI has announced that Whitbread plc will be using PolyAI’s Voice Assistant technology for the new Whitbread Digital Host. This marks the implementation of a system that began trials before the beginning of the Covid outbreak.

The Digital Host will be deployed to answer telephone enquiries in Whitbread’s 173 Beefeater restaurants across the UK and has been designed with attention to understanding regional accents. The chatbot will be able to answer queries and take reservations, with around 700,000 bookings per year expected to come through the system.

By answering the phone, Digital Host will help Beefeater to avoid missed calls and free up staff to concentrate on serving customers. It’s estimated that the system will spend 2.25 million minutes (37,500 hours) per year talking to customers, freeing up a huge amount of staff time.