Virtual English Tutor from BotLibre

Outside the realm of embedded virtual assistants, chatbots today are probably most used by individuals for fun and by organisations for customer service purposes. However they also have potential for many other uses, not least of which is learning: combine the accessibility of a chatbot with AI based domain knowledge and you have the potential for a learning system that is less threatening and more engaging than traditional learning apps.

Bot Libre, a chatbot and AI development platform from Paphus Solutions, has just released such an app. Virtual English Tutor for Android is designed to assist those learning English as a Second Language (ESL) or who just want to brush up their existing English skills. The app features conversational English lessons in various categories along with a generalised chat section. It can also be used as a tool by English tutors.

According to Bot Libre CEO James Sutherland:

We will continue to create more lessons and with the active engagement of English teachers the app can facilitate curriculum-based content

Virtual English Tutor is free to download from the Google Play store, however there are in-app purchases.