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Tradinno is a robotic dragon that entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 as the world's largest four-legged walking robot. Rather bizarrely this impressive mechatronic creation is also known as Fanny!

What Is Tradinno?

Fanny - sorry, Tradinno - is a massive remote controlled robot dragon. It was created by Zollner Elektronik AG for use in productions of the play 'Drachenstich' ('Slaying of the Dragon').

The robot's technical specifications are impressive. It measures 5.5m (18 foot) long, 3.8m (12 and a half foot) wide and 4.5m (15 foot) high with a weight of 11 tons. Inside are 272 hydraulic valves, 238 sensors, 1300 meters (four fifths of a mile) of electric cables and 110 meters (360 foot) of pneumatic lines.

Tradinno can breathe fire, using 11kg (24 pounds) of liquid gas. It also carries 80 litres (18 gallons) of stage blood in its 'veins'.

The robot is remote controlled, but allowing something that size to walk realistically was a big challenge. The result is a system with seven mobile degrees of freedom in each leg, allowing it to walk round corners and also 'crab' sideways.

What Does Tradinno Mean?

Apparently the name Tradinno is made by combining 'tradition' with 'innovation'. Which still leaves us with the question of where the name 'Fanny' came from...

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