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Rockit Robot

From OWI

OWI make a number of educational robots and kits for the younger or less experienced robot fan. Probably the best wll known of these is the award winning Rockit Robot kit.

The Rockit is a simple 3-wheel device with a suitably futuristic appearance. It includes basic touch sensors and a condenser microphone for sensing sound. If it detects it has bumped into an object then it will reverse and make a left turn in an attempt to find its way round the obstacle. Alternatively this action can be set off at any time by a loud noise such as a clap.

As robots go it's not very advanced. As with most kits, the fun comes from seeing something that you've "built" yourself in action. In 2001 the Rockit Robot was chosen by the Children's Institute For Childhood Resources as one of the "100 Best Children's Products" and "10 Best Software/High Tech Products".

To Solder or Not To Solder

If you're planning to buy the Rockit Robot for yourself or as a gift, it's important to remember that you can buy two different versions: solder and non-solder. OWI classify the non-solder version as "Beginner" and the solder version as "Advanced". They are essentially the same kit, the difference is whether or not the main circuit board is pre-assembled.

Make sure that you buy the right version and always put safety first. Children should never be allowed to use a soldering iron unsupervised.

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