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Robotic Dinosaur

The Roboraptor is a huge - 32 inches long - robotic toy dinosaur produced by Wow Wee Toys. At the time of its release it quickly became one of the most popular robotic toys available to buy and in 2005 won numerous international awards including "2005 Toy of the Year" at the Australian Toy Fair and "2005 #1 Toy of the Year" in the Duracell Toy Awards. Cynics may smile at the latter given the rate at which the Roboraptor eats batteries!

The Roboraptor was designed by Mark Tilden and is described as "A fusion of technology and personality". Although undeniably an advanced robot toy with a great design it is still basically a fairly dumb robot with a relatively simple AI.

Visually the Roboraptor is very impressive. Despite its massive size it has a very fluid movement (described by WowWee as "realistic biomorphic motions"). These movements include different walking gaits, turning head and whipping tail.

A remote control allows the user to give commands to the robot, including the ability to "draw" a laser target on the ground for it to follow.

What makes the Roboraptor an improvment on many previous such toys is its range of autonomous behaviour. Although fairly simple it is nonetheless capable of giving an impressive display. There are four "moods": cautious, hunting, playful and free-roam. The toy will follow different behaviour patterns in the different modes, including reacting differently to sound and touch. Attempting to pet a dinosaur in "hunting" mode is not recommended!

You can also buy a "Mini Roboraptor". Despite the name this has little in common with the main toy other than its appearance. Basically it walks along and falls over. Some Roboraptor fans like to buy these as "pets" for their main robot!

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