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The Touchless Trashcan

An AI controlled robotic trashcan with infra-red sensors would once have been the stuff of science fiction. Today it's an affordable household item that we can buy online!

What Is The Touchless Trashcan?

The Touchless Trashcan is, as the name suggests, a household waste bin that can be used without the need for physical contact. This appeals to those who are worried about hygene and is also of practical benefit when one's hands are full. During the recent SARS outbreak eight hospitals in China ordered Touchless Trashcans to help reduce the risk of transmission.

In the US the Touchless Trashcan is distributed by iTouchless. The basic model is available to buy in a variety of sizes from a 7 gallon volume to a massive 22 gallon commercial capacity. Other models include the NX with an optional AC adaptor to save on battery use, the SX with a space saving lid, and the smaller TX unit designed for bathroom or table-side use.

How Does It Work?

The Touchless Trashcan uses a short-range infra-red sensor. This detects movement at a distance of six inches and the built in micro-chip opens the lid, closing it again when it's no longer required. The new 2007 version included enhanced technology including improved AI, "SilenX" quiet opening and closing technology and a water resistant sensor with a "Point-n-Lock Beam". That's one smart trashcan!

Of course we humans still like to think we're in ultimate control, so the Touchless Trashcan includes manual operation and an on/off switch. Maybe one day a waste bin will say: "Dave, my mind is going".

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