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Robot Floor Washer

The Scooba from iRobot can be thought of as a "cousin" of the Roomba to which it is visually very similar. Whereas the Roomba is a vacuum cleaner, the Scooba is a floor washing robot. Unlike the Roomba, the Scooba is designed for hard surfaces such as tiles and linoleum - it is not a carpet washer.


The Scooba was first introduced at the end of 2005. At the time of writing there are three models available to buy. The Scooba 5800 is designed for smaller areas up to 250 square feet, the 350 model for larger areas up to 500 square feet. There is also a top of the range Scooba 380 that can cover areas up to 850 and is described by iRobot as being "Faster, smarter, more efficient".

No programming is required - the Scooba uses its internal sensors to navigate the room and attempt to avoid steps and drops. Dozens of sensors contribute to what iRobot call the AWARE Robot Intelligence System. The unit's low height allows it to get under cabinets and other places that are rarely washed.

The robot uses a four stage cleaning system: Prep, Wash, Scrub, Dry. The cleaning fluid is a Clorox solution that has become known as Scooba juice.

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