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Robotic Lawnmower

The RoboMower - also known informally as the Robomow - is a robotic lawnmower produced by Friendly Robotics. It will mow the lawn and mulch the grass unattended. If you buy the top of the range RL1000 model it will even return to the base station to recharge itself. Although there are now several robot mowers you can buy the RoboMower is probably the best known because it was the first available on the domestic market.

How Does It Work?

Before first using the Robomow it's necessary to tell it where you want it to work. You do this by running a special sensor wire along the perimiter of the area to be mown. This is necessary to prevent the robot wandering off and mowing all the gardens or yards in the neighbourhood! The sensor wire is also used to exclude areas such as flower beds and swimming pools.

Once the boundary of the mowing area has been marked out the robot can get to work. For the first few times it is probably best to keep an eye on the mowing process to ensure that all goes as planned.

The RoboMower has three blades and is claimed to be suitable for all types of grass. It also features bump sensors allowing it to navigate around trees, rock and other obstacles. The robot takes longer to mow the lawn than you would, however since you don't have to be there this doesn't really matter! It works by criss-crossing the lawn a number of times to ensure that the whole yard is covered and that the grass is cut from several angles.

The clippings are mulched in the unit's triple-chamber mulching system and returned to the lawn.


The main concern with any robot - especially one with blades - must be safety. Friendly Robotics point out that since the RoboMower works unattended this in itself makes it safer. The unit also incorporates a variety of special safety devices such as a lift sensor. That said, it is important to make sure that no people - especially children - are likely to come into contact with it during operation. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and put safety first.


The Robomower is currently available to buy in two models, the RL850 and RL1000. The latter model includes the docking station, to which the robot will automatically return for recharging.

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