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Karcher RoboCleaner


The Karcher RoboCleaner RC3000 is one of the more heavy duty robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. The most obvious visible difference between this robot and its competitors is that the Robocleaner has a much larger base station. This is because, unlike most other robotic cleaners you can buy, the Robocleaner is capable not just of recharging itself but also of emptying itself into the collection bin in the base station. Thus the unit is designed for truly autonomous operation.

The Robocleaner RC3000 is capable of cleaning around 15 square metres an hour using a combination of roller brush and suction. Programmable cleaning modes include 3, 6 and 9 hours - as well as "just keep on going"! It cleans for about one hour on a single battery charge. When the battery is running low of the unit is full it seeks out the base station using its infrared sensor and returns to empty and recharge itself before continuing its cleaning duties. Charging time varies between 15 and 60 minutes.

The unit has four different cleaning modes and if it detects an increase in the amount of dirt it is collecting will automatically switch to a more intense cleaning program, moving more slowly.

The RC3000 is desgined for both hard floors and carpets, although specific restrictions apply to deep piled carpets. It's equipped with a number of features to reduce the risk of any damage to itself or its environment: it uses optical sensors for navigation, has anti-fall sensors to avoid stairs and is equipped with anti-stuck protectors. If it should somehow get stuck then it is designed simply to stop. That said, you should obviously still follow the recommended safety precautions.

Unlike say the Electroluxe Trilobite the RC3000 doesn't have a sophisticated AI. Instead it follows the Roomba approach of random navigation.

The base station uses conventional filter bags to collect the dirt and you can buy extra bags from Kercher.

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