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Litter Robot LRII

When I first heard the term litter robot I had visions of a dustbin on legs walking along the street pickin up sweet wrappers and crisp packets.

Unfortunately the reality is nothing like that - the Litter Robot II from Automated Pet Care Products (APCP) is a self-cleaning cat litter box. I'm not sure if I'd really call it a robot, but since the name had caught my eye I thought I'd find some information about it.

The Litter Robot turns out to be a spherical unit that looks like some sort of feline space capsule. You put in the litter and when the catronaut enters through the front its weight trips a sensor. Seven minutes later (assuming the cat has left!) the globe begins to rotate, a process that cleans the unit and deposits the waste in a tray which can be lined with standard garbage bags. This can then be easily emptied when needed.


The unit features a patented litter sifting process that works without the use of a rake mechanism that could get jammed. It works with clumping clay litters and a variety of litter alternatives including litter beads and pearls. There's no need to buy special bags to go with it, it's designed to work with standard kitchen bags.

The Litter Robot may not be appropriate for all cats. APCP do not recommend using it in automatic mode for kittens or very small cats. It may also be inappropriate for cats that are diabetic, skittish or elderly.

If this doesn't seem the right product for you then you might want to try the solution I've adopted to avoid the problem of dealing with the cat litter tray:

Don't have a cat.

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