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The Dirt Dog

Heavy Duty Robot Sweeper

The Dirt Dog from iRobot is a cousin of the same company's popular Roomba robotic cleaner. Whereas the Roomba is designed for a standard household clean, the Dirt Dog is a meaner, tougher version best suited for more demanding cleaning chores such as a workshop. It's been described as "Roomba with attitude".

Why Buy A Dirt Dog?

The Dirt Dog is essentially an extension of the Roomba platform and appears superficially similar. The difference is that the new model has been made tougher and more powerful to allow it to cope with jobs that might cause its more delicate cousin to swoon. Targets for the Dirt Dog include "workshop, garage, basement, patio, deck and other industrial floor surfaces". If this is what you need to sweep then you're probably better off buying a Dirt Dog.

The main differences between the Dirt Dog and its cousin are that it's been built to withstand the sort of 'shop enironment that might halt or even damage other robotic cleaners. Rather than relying on vacuum suction it uses heavy duty brushes rotating at high speed. These combine with a large debris bin and the absence of a filter to allow the Dirt Dog to pick up bigger pieces of trash such as small nuts and bolts.

In keeping with its general "no nonsense" attitude the Dirt Dog has a simple interface - just press the big "Clean" button and off it goes.

If you've got a dirty cleaning job such as a garage or shed that the regular Roomba can't handle then the Dirt Dog might be just the thing for you.

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