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Husqvarna Automower

The Automower is a robotic lawn mower from the Husqvarna company. The Husqvarna Group is based in Sweden and describes itself as "The global leader in outdoor power products". The company's more traditional products include chain saws, trimmers and leaf blowers which are available to buy around the world with North America responsible for around two-thirds of the total consumer product sales.

What Is The Automower?

The Automower is a robotic lawnmower currently in use by some 50,000 people worldwide. Husqvarna began producing robotic mowers in 1995 and there are currently four different models available to buy. These share much the same basic appearance however they vary in regard to capacity and charging. The larger models also have additional features which are reflected in the price. The Automower's basic approach to mowing is to cut the grass in an irregular pattern with small blades, leaving a fine mulch that doesn't need raking and can fertilise the soil. Boundary cables can be used to restrict mowing to a desired area and collision sensors provide another level of protection.

The basic product is the 210 C. This is rated as suitable for lawns up to 500 square meters. The 220 AC (for areas up to 1800 m2) features automatic recharging: when it's running low it returns to its base station where it can recharge itself then return to work. The top of the range 230 ACX (up to 3000 m2) incorporates an anti-theft alarm and is capable of mowing more complex and difficult areas.

Solar Hybrid

The latest addition to the Automower range is the Solar Hybrid. It's described as "the world’s first solar/electric hybrid robot lawnmower" and is designed to save money and help the environment. As well as standard electrical power charging the Solar model comes with a large solar panel. By topping up the battery from the sun, the amount of electricity used is reduced and the time between recharges increased - meaning more mowing and less waiting. The Solar Hybrid model is rated for lawn areas of up to 2100 m2, however this will vary depending on the amount of sunlight.

The Automower Solar Hybrid was designed at the Husqvarna global design centre in Sweden and is manufactured in Aycliffe, England.

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