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BattleBots - sometimes known as Battle Bots - was the name of a short lived TV show along the lines of Robot Wars. Although at the time of writing the show has been off air for some years, the company behind it - BattleBots Inc - continues on, being known in particular for its BattleBots IQ educational programme.

The BattleBots TV show ran for five series between 2000 and 2002 and was show, bizarrely, on the Comedy Central channel. In the show, teams had to build their own remote-controlled "robots" which would then compete in an arena known as the BattleBox. The BattleBox contained a variety of "hazards" to make life more difficult for the bots - and more fun for the spectators!

Although the TV show is longer being made, BattleBots remain popular. There has been a variety of merchandise available to buy including toys, video games and DVDs. In 2002 BattleBots even made it into MacDonald's "Happy Meals".

BattleBots IQ

Much of the interest in BattleBots came from students and "fun" robotics clearly has great teaching potential. To this end BattleBots IQ (BBIQ) was started in 2001.

BBIQ is an educational programme that includes a curriculum based on MIT methodology, teacher training and a national competition.

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