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Dr Who Robot Santas

The Robot Santas are one of the new monsters created for the new incarnation of the BBC TV series Doctor Who. At the time of writing they have appeared twice, both times in Christmas Specials (The Christmas Invasion and The Runaway Bride) where they were encountered by David Tennant's Doctor. Although clearly a bit of "light relief" for fans on Christmas Day they are also very deadly.

What Are The Robotic Santas?

Don't worry, the real Santa hasn't gone bad!

The name Robot Santa comes simply from their use in both appearances to date of traditional Santa Claus outfits as disguise. Underneath they are fairly traditional humanoid robots with gold faces and black eyes. They are not inherently connected with Father Christmas and certainly appear to have little appreciation of the season of goodwill!

The Santas use Killer Christmas Trees. These can spin at high speed cutting down everything in their path and also launch explosive baubles.

In The Christmas Invasion the robotic santas worked with the Sycorax - it's uncertain whether or not they were actually working for the Sycorax. Here the Doctor referred to them as "pilot fish" seeking out his regeneration energy and guiding in other larger creatures, namely the Sycorax.


In The Runaway Bride the subservient position of the robots is much clearer and they are working for the Empress of the Racnoss. In her stilted English she refers them as roboforms.

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