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RobotBoy is an animated television show broadcast on Cartoon Network. The show is a co-production between Carton Network and French company Alphanim. It began in 2005 and has proved very popular - on Cartoon Network France, RobotBoy is the number one rated show for the 4 to 14 age bracket.

The show was created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge.

Who Is RobotBoy?

So who - or what - is RobotBoy? Well he's a robot... who's also a boy... sort of.

OK, let's try that again.

RobotBoy is a robot boy built by the brilliant scientist Professor Moshimo. Being a boy he is, of course, blue (RobotBoy, not the Professor). Although most of the time RobotBoy appears as a cute youngster, he also has a special "Activated" mode where he has access to a dazzling array of extremely powerful weapons.

Because of these weapons, the Professor is concerned that RobotBoy might be stolen by the evil Doctor Kamikazi. In order to prevent this hapening, the Professor hides RobotBoy with ten year old Tommy Turnbull and his friends (Gus and Lola). Most episodes centre around Tommy and his friends defeating Kamikazi's latest cunning plan.

Two online games have been produced: Tommy Takeaway and Depth Charger.


A strong subtext to RobotBoy is the Pinochio theme. RobotBoy, like Pinocchio, wishes to become a real boy. Many episodes of the show thus include lessons to children on how they should behave in society.

RobotBoy is not the first robot to desire to become human, the most famous example probably being Data from Star Trek:TNG. It's a matter of opinion whether the lessons in RobotBoy are more or less subtle than those in Star Trek.

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