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R2D2 from the Star Wars saga must be one of the most famous robots of all time. He's also one of the most popular with a huge variety of cool R2D2 stuff available to buy. His name is also spelt R2-D2 and sometimes even phonetically as Artoo-Deetoo or just "Artoo". R2D2 is one of the longest running characters in the Star Wars saga, being the only character to appear in all six films. He is perhaps best known for his "double act" with C3PO.

R2D2 is just under a metre in height wth two legs and a retractable "foot". His body contains numerous sensors as well as a seemingly endless supply of gadgets. The robot was usually played by actor Kenny Baker although props and CGI were also used in some scenes.

Most people probably became familiar with R2D2 through the original Star Wars movie. In this film he and C3PO are on ship with Princess Leia who uses R2D2 as a messenger.


In the prequel trilogy it is revealed that R2D2 was initially owned by the Royal Engineers of Naboo where he and other astromechs worked on board the Royal Starship. Later in this movie he first meets his long term friend and companion C3PO.

When C3PO's memory is wiped in Revenge of the Sith R2D2 is spared - possibly because of his lack of verbal communication. This rather unbelievable plot device allows R2D2 to move into the original trilogy with the knowledge required to make the story work.

R2D2 is a loyal and fearless droid who faces danger willingly and often saves the human characters.

The cute bleeping trashcan that is R2D2 has achieved iconic status and even been inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame. For his millions of fans around the world there is a huge range of merchandise available to buy from full life size reproductions to inexpensive toys, remote control and voice activated models and even cookie jars!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars film in 2007 the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be introducing R2D2 themed mailboxes into post offices around America.

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