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IronMan 28

Bigger Than Big, Taller Than Tall
Quicker Than Quick, Stronger Than Strong
Ready To Fight, For Right Against Wrong

The robot Gigantor - otherwise known as IronMan 28 - is almost half a century old, having been created as a manga comic in 1958. For many people the name will conjure up memories of the cartoon series for television that began in 1963. In particular the TV theme song is etched in many minds.


The original manga artwork was by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in a comic was called Tetsujin 28, which translates as Iron Man 28. The comic chronicled the adventures of a young boy who controlled a giant robot and had already given rise to a Japanese cartoon show called Tetsujin-28-go.

The comic was spotted by Fred Ladd who liked the combination of a young boy and a (then) high-tech looking metal man. Ladd and his partner Al Singer formed a company specifically to buy the rights to produce a US TV version. The resulting cartoon dubbed in English ran for 52 classic black & white episodes (the original Japanese series consisted of 96 episodes, not all of which were taken up by Ladd).

Gigantor is many things, but subtle isn't one of them! He was basically a walking tin can - but a very big, very fast and very strong tin can! Under the control of young Jimmy Sparks and assisted by Dr Bob Brilliant, Gigantor fought crime and embarked on a series of adventures. You can now buy the complete box set on DVD

Gigantor returned to the US screens in 1993 with Ladd's version of the colour Japanese series Shin Tetsujin 28 - translated as The New Adventures of Gigantor. The robot had received a bit of a makeover to make him look more modern but was still basically raw power.

Gigantor might well be coming back again, this time as G3. Not much information is yet available about this, but the suggestions are that the new incarnation of Gigantor will be a "cybot" - a blend of robot and organic technology using DNA impregnated "neurochips".

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