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Transformers' Energy Source

Energon is, as the name suggests, a form of energy. Specifically it is the fundamental source energy utilised by many of the inhabitants of the Transformers universe - including the Heroic Autobots and and their enemies the Evil Decepticons.

Raw energon is extremely powerful and also dangerous. It's found naturally as a glowing golden crystal which emits radiation so strong that it can interfere with and even damage the Transformers' systems. Before use the crystal form must be processed to produce a liquid. This liquid is safe and even pleasurable for Transformers to drink; the similarities to the effects of alcohol on humans are clear.

Natural energon is a rare resource and control of it is a valuable commercial and military asset.

There are some inabitants of the Transformers universe who can safely handle energon in its raw state. These include the Omnicons and the Terrorcons.


Energon was central to the story series and show Transformers: Energon which was also called Transformers: Superlink.

The storyline of Energon/Superlink has the Autobots and Decepticons working together in a secret alliance with humanity. The peace is threatened by a new menace: Alpha Q and his band of energy-eating Terrorcons. The story features the building of Energon Towers and the construction of an Energon Grid to protect the planet Earth.

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