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The Aerialbots

The Aerialbots are a team of autobots from the Transformers universe. They were the first of the Autobot "special teams", also known as "combiners", who merge to form a single gestalt entity greater than the sum of its parts.

There are five Aerialbots, each of whom transforms into a different human style aircraft. They are:

Air RaidF-15 Eagle
FireflightF-4 Phantom
SkydiveF-16 Falcon
SlingshotAV-8B Harrier

When all five Aerialbots join forces the form the giant humanoid autobot Superion. Although extremely fast and powerful, Superion is intellectually limited. It's not that he's stupid, rather that he is so focussed on his primary mission goals( destroy Decepticons, protect humans) that his responses tend to be simplistic and unimaginatve.


The Aerialbots were introduced in the Generation One (G1) continuity. They were built by the Autobots as a response the the first Decepticon combiner, the car-based Stunticons, and have also fought the Combaticons.

Silverbolt was appointed leader of the Aerialbots by Optimus Prime, the position given to him partly to help him overcome his fear of heights. Such a fear might seem strange in an Aerialbot, however it's all relative: Silverbolt was built from the remain of a low-altitude aircraft whereas the others were built from spacecraft.

These flying, transforming, combining robots are predictably popular with many toys and models having been available to buy from 1985, initially a complete gift set then later individual figures.

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