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Nintendo DS Game

Nintendogs are a virtual pet program for the Nintendo DS hand-held games console. The game was first released in 2005 and there are currently four versions vavailable to buy: Chihuahua and Friends, Dachshund and Friends, Dalmation and Friends, Labrador (Lab) and Friends. There is also a "Best Friends" package. The different versions of the game feature different breeds of dog available to the player at the beginning, others must be "unlocked" through game play. Different breeds of dog have different strengths and weaknesses, like their real world counterparts.

The gameplay in Nintendogs is an advanced pet simulator. You begin by "adopting" a puppy from the kennel, after which you must care for it by giving it food and water and ensuring it is kept clean. You can also play various games with your pup and teach it tricks. There is also the option to enter your virtual pup in virtual competitions and to take it for a walk around the virtual neighbourhood where you can find or buy various cool items.

You can "own" eight pups at once, however only three of them can be with you at any one time. The others must be left at the dog hotel.

Unlike some other virtual pet simulators the puppies in Nintendogs remain puppies. They do not grow old, breed or die. However if not properly cared for they may "run away" - fortuntely they usually return soon.

Nintendogs makes good use of Nintendo DS special features such as the touch screen, sound and music. It's also possible to use the microphone to record your voice and train your pup to recognise its name and respond to your spoken commands.

"Bark Mode" uses the wireless capabilities of the DS to allow two Nintendogs owners to interact. Players can give each other gifts and let their pups play together.

Some people call the game Nintendogz, presumably by analogy to the famous PC virtual pets Dogz, however the two are unrelated.

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